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General Information about Department of Anatomy
1. Faculties and technicians
    There are 21 faculties in the Department of Anatomy. 4 Doctoral Supervisors, 9 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 5 Lecturers, 4 Teaching Assistants.
There are 7 technicians in the Deparment of Anatomy. 1 Senior Technician, 3 Technicians, 3 Junior Technicians.

2. Postgraduate students
PhD candidates and MS candidates who majoir in Anatomy or Neurobiology can study in Department of Anatomy. 42 people graduated and got MS. 6 people graduated and got PhD. 12 PhD candidates and 12 MS candidates are studying at present.

3. Important Subject
Department of Anatomy was affirmed as one of the Important Subjects in Shandong Province in 1997 and one of the Important Subjects in Shandong University in 2002.

4. Research laboratories and equipments
There 5 research laboratories in Department of Anatomy. They are Lymphology lab, Neurobiology lab, Sectional Anatomy lab, Neuroanatomy lab, and Sectional Anatomy lab.
The scientific research equipments include patch clamp recording analysis system, Confocal laser scanning microscopy (with Department of histology and embryology), Microcirculation analysis system, Automated image analysis system, Sterile air hood, Freezing microtome, Freezing centrifuge, Ultralower-temperature freezer, CO2 incubator, and so on.

5. Teaching laboratories and equipments
There are 8 teaching laboratories and 1 human specimen exhibition room. Each teaching lab has its own multimedia teaching system.

6. Teaching programs
There are 11 subjects for postgraduate students, include Neurobiology, Tissue culture of nervus system, Neuroanatomy, Sectional anatomy, Lymphology, Applied anatomy of the skull and brain, Applied anatomy of five sense organs, Applied anatomy of the thorax, Applied anatomy of the abdomen, Applied anatomy of pelvis and perineum, and Applied anatomy of limb and vertebral column. Human anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and Sectional anatomy for 7 years', 6 years', and 5 years' undergraduate medical students. Human anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and Sectional anatomy for foreign undergraduate medical students.

Anatomy Department, Shandong University Medical School
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